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Aug 21, 2013 5:00am EDT
to you. bank of america is closing drive-through teller lanes at several branches because not enough people are using them. customers will still be able to use drive up a it tm machines. analysts say its each more expensive to operate a bank lobby. sony will launch the playstation 4 in the u.s. on november 15th. the ps 4 costs $399, $100 less than the new xbox 1. sony says it already has 1 million pre-orders worldwide. and twitter has a fast growing vine. its video sharing app now has more than 40 million registered users just seven months after its launch. they loop together six second video clips. i'm actually surprised about how much folks can videotape in six seconds. >> thank, courtney. >>> straight ahead, richard lui will be here with your sports highlights. s, courtney. >>> straight ahead, richard lui will be here with your sports highlights. [ sneezing ] she may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®. powerful allergy relief for adults and kids six years and older. zyrtec®. love the air. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, th
Aug 15, 2013 2:00am PDT
disenfranchised. >>> apparently giving health benefits to spouses of america's bravest is an example of america's liberal social agenda. that's what senator inhofe says about giving the services to same-sex couples. >>> joining the faculty at harvard to chances to regroup the policy public school. >>> we've seen the pictures from inside the situation room during the raid on osama bin laden. now we're getting a glimpse into what was going on. his former body man says he wasn't there the entire time and he reportedly played the game of spades. >> most people were in the situation room, he's like i can't watch this entire thing. so he, myself, pete souza, the white house photographer and marvin must have played 15 hands, 15 games of spades. >> many officials declined comment but former counterterrorism adviser michael leiter, who is now an analyst for nbc news says mr. obama was present during the time of the actual raid. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." >> i don't get the big deal. >> it's a day-long event. >> 24 hours, some people isn't sit there and stare, the nerves. >> it's a
Aug 23, 2013 2:00am PDT
was and she brought up an issue of importance and that's part of what america's is all about. >> well, speaking of polite women, antoinette tuff, did you hear what she did, she's the woman who calmed down a gunman in an atlanta elementary school. got a call from president obama to thank her for her action. >> i appreciate you too but i learn from the best, the best president in the world. no, that's me. you can't get better when you have a great leader in front of you. >> not only calm, failed a hero. >>> barbara bush was at a children's hospital where she read a book to the kids. >>> cory booker met the cute pomeranian named, of course, cory booker and last night david letterman joked about the fingerprint security on the iphone and faplayed a fake commercial. >> introducing the scanner, the most secure way to protect your password, apps and most importantly your texting history. >> that's not your finger, anthony. >> you knew that was coming. i knew it would happen and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." >>> all right, now here's a look at the national weather. we tur
Aug 29, 2013 2:00am PDT
america prepare to strike today, taking in the dream 50 years later. a classified payload heads to space and an albino alligator gets acupuncture for back pain, really? >>> thousands of syrians are trying to flee the country in advance of a potential u.s. lead military strike. refugee sites are springing up across the border and the entire mideast is on edge. in neighboring israel there's a run on gas masks. they're lining up at distribution centers thinking they might be syria's next target and this morning president obama is confirming the use of chemical weapons by the assad regime. >> we have concluded that the syrian government carried these out. there is a prospect or possibility in which chemical weapons that have devastating effects could be directed at us. we want to make sure that that does not happen. >>> we're joined live from the region. tell us what the latest is there. >> good morning, betty. well, the situation remains tense across the region. today un inspectors have gone out for a third day in various parts of damascus to try and ascertain exactly what happened on augus
Aug 6, 2013 2:00am PDT
. >>> and surprising new stats on pot smokers. plus the biggest party schools in america. >>> we begin with breaking news out of yemen. the u.s. state department is urging all u.s. citizens there to leave immediately due to the continued potential for terrorist attacks. it also ordered not emergency government staff to leave as well. the security area, the threat there is considered extremely high and tensions are already elevate elevated with 19 u.s. embassies closed through saturday. sources tell nbc news intercepted communications prommed those closures. sources say two of al qaeda's top leaders, quote, wanted to do something big this past sunday during ramadan. those leaders are said to be al qaeda's chief and his deputy in yemen. communication did not reveal a specific target or method and sources say the most likely targeted country was thought to be yemen. >>> developing overnight, a shooting in pennsylvania leaves three people dead and cull nats with two people tackling the gun. man and shooting him with his own gun. three people including the gunman were injured. this happened last night at
Aug 2, 2013 2:00am PDT
begin with pakistan and america's uneasy ally calling for an end to drone strikes on its soil. pakistan and the u.s. are opening the dialogue. this relationship has been strainve t u.s. drone program and what the u.s. believes is
Aug 9, 2013 2:00am PDT
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Aug 14, 2013 2:00am PDT
on lottery tickets. america, meet the ocean 16. with megamerger of airlines make your flights more expensive? the federal government thinks so and makes a deal to block. even hooters wants nothing to do with the mayor of san diego. we'll explain on "way too early." >>> good morning, everybody. wednesday, august 14th of 2013. we actually have a lot of overnight news to get to, so we want to start with breaking news from louisiana where a hostage situation turned deadly at the bank in the town of st. joseph's. police say gunman killed one person and shot another before a member of the s.w.a.t.
Aug 19, 2013 2:00am PDT
. this is something that's integral to police. this happens throughout america and any police jurisdiction, you have to do it, officers have to have the right of inquiry if they see some suspicious behavior. >> sybrina fulton also appeared on meet the press and was critical of stop and frisk. >> the right to stop somebody just because the color of their screen. >>> glenn greenwald's partner was detained by uk authorities. he was stopped at heathrow airport for nine hours under the uk terrorism act. >>> scientists are hoping the domestic legislation of a building will provide them with new information on earthquakes. >>> and now, for a look at business, we turn to cnbc's courtney regan. >> good morning to you. futures pointing to a lower open. the dow slips 30 points. s&p 500 fell 65. there's no economic data today. but investors are waiting for the release of fed minutes which come out wednesday. >>> google crashed late friday night. the search engine was out for five minutes. during that time, internet traffic fell 40%. according to new york times, sotheby's will be auctioning a rare blue diamond.
Aug 30, 2013 2:00am PDT
to stop in america talking about anybody in the public realm because what is important the content of the character, the quality of ideas, the courage within their hearts to serve others. that's what's important. >> andrea mitchell talked about syria with mike rogers who says telephone calls to members of congress are not good enough. >> i do think that legally he needs to come up and consult with congress. again, you know, a few phone calls and those kinds of things you have to have a robust discussion. congress needs to be involved in this process. >> you're not saying there has to be a vote. >> under the wars powers act i don't believe there has to be a vote. >> how about our allied to the north, how much help on syria can we expect from canada? well here's the prime minister steven harper. >> we do support our allies who are contemplating forceful action to deal with this. that said, at the present time the government of canada has no plans, we have no plans on our own to have a canadian military mission. >>> and south dakota governor jumped out of a plane thursday. skydiving t
Aug 8, 2013 2:00am PDT
generations before us, united states of america's going to remain the greatest force for freedom that the world has ever known. >> after a two-day swing out west, the president is back in washington today. >>> and as you heard from the president at camp pendleton, he mentioned that terror plot that closed numerous u.s. embassies. this morning authorities in yemen say they thwarted an al qaeda plot aimed directly at foreign embassies. intelligence officials say the plan was to fire missiles at embassies inside the capital. it also included attacking naval forces in the red sea. the u.s. embassy in yemen remains closed today and the country is on high alert. >>> president obama says the united states wants to help the millions of displaced syrian refugees. he's pledging an additional $1$5 million in humanitarian and food aid. that brings the total to more than $1 billion since the two-year war began. the u.n. said last month nearly seven million syrians require urgent humanitarian aid. and these images show the toll the civil war is taking on syria's largest city. these before and
Aug 13, 2013 2:00am PDT
of america's most wanted, mob boss james whitey bulger has been convicted of being involved in a string of murders and other crimes after a trial that riveted boston and much of the nation. here's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: after more than 32 hours of deliberations, jurors returned to a packed courtroom announcing the fate of whitey bulger, one of boston's most notorious mobsters. he was found guilty of dozens of crimes, including conspiracy, racketeering and playing a role in 11 murders. >> this day of reck forng bulger has been a long time ago. >> reporter: tom donahue whose father was killed decades ago was among family members present throughout the trial. >> whitey bulger pretty much almost destroyed my family in every category. >> reporter: the evidence showed bulger was involved in 11 of 19 murders, found him not involved in seven and couldn't agree on one, the death of 26-year-old deborah davis. >> my family has to live every day and the rest of the families have to live every day with the fact that they lost a loved one. >> reporter: the 83-year-old defendant showed no reac
Aug 16, 2013 2:00am PDT
in south america. just two pounds. they realized this was a new species because they thought he was part of another group of similar animals but he refused to mate with this other group. they would send the animal from zoo to zoo and he refused to mate. they realized it was a different species. >> is it a bear? >> like a raccoon-like creature. >> i have some guys that should be tested for that. >> richard, you have an animal story for us. less fuzzy. >> we're talking about a snake in a clubhouse. the tampa bay rays manager known for trying to do things to loosen up the team. so before the game yesterday, what he did against as he brought this 20-foot python called asia. evidently it's because it is the year of the snake in the lunar calendar. it worked. they won last night. 7-1. >> matt is a little bit i've genius down there. >> there was one player standing on the table. something you wouldn't do, right. >> i'm not afraid of snakes. >> i have no idea who. >> so a 6-year-old goes to a zoo in china and he left crying. he was very upset because. >> what happened. >> the lion started barkin
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)